Benefits and Preferences for Your Business
Tax Incentives
Customs Incentives
One of the main factors driving the development of Dobrograd-1 SEZ is a special legal regime operating in the zone, which provides the opportunity to implement a business plan utilizing tax breaks guaranteed by federal legislature
The stability of investment terms and conditions is guaranteed for the residents at the government level, which is reflected in the investment agreement
The unique conditions of a free customs zone grant residents the right to import the necessary equipment, raw materials, construction materials, and components into the Dobrograd-1 SEZ territory without paying import duties, excise taxes and VAT. In addition, there are no non-tariff regulation measures
VAT can be claimed for the import of goods from the countries of the Customs Union. When exporting finished products, customs duties and VAT are not paid
From receipt of the first profit

* base tax rate in the Russian Federation is 20%
* property tax is charged only after ownership registration
** base tax rate in the Russian Federation is up to 2,2%
At any engine power
* transport tax is charged only after ownership registration
** base tax rate in the Russian Federation is up to 15%
* land tax is charged only after ownership registration
** base tax rate in the Russian Federation is up to 1,5%
Imports and exports to other countries
Import duty in the Russian Federation is from 5% to 20%
Imports and exports to other countries
Customs duty in the Russian Federation is from 10% to 20%
The whole range of benefits and preferences effective on the Dobrograd-1 territory can save up to 35% of costs, as well as significantly reduce project launch time
 Company Services
Dobrograd-1 SEZ private Managing Company prioritizes lowering administrative barriers, developing healthy partnerships, creating a unique business environment combined with friendly management
Extensive experience in implementing various international projects in Russia, the US and Europe allows us to provide a full package of audit and consulting services, including individual support for each resident at any stage of the investment path
Our investors can focus on their own production and sales. We take care of all the rest
Personal manager designated exclusively for your project
Working closely with government agencies
Accounting and reporting
Business planning
IT support
Professional marketing consulting
Legal and tax consulting
Tax and fiscal audit
Search for sales and distribution channels
Supplier search
Employee incentive programs
Interim management
Personnel training
Build-to-Suit Services
For more than 15 years, our Dobrograd-1 SEZ construction division has been successfully implementing various residential and industrial construction projects, including the construction of production facilities for the Askona Group
>350 000 m2
put into operation
>15 years
of experience
In-house construction division with many years of experience in industrial construction
Technical supervisor services

Choosing a general contractor

Design and construction

Project management

Project financing
Significant savings
in construction costs

Solutions for investors
of any level
Full project implementation

Fixed dates

Predictable budget

Flexible financing
Recruitment and Human Resource Services
There are 51 educational institutions in Vladimir Oblast that train professionals for your business. The cost of labor in the region is considerably lower than in other economic zones of the Central Federal District.*
* average monthly wages in Vladimir Oblast are RUB 37 804 (data as of 31.12.2021)
Regional higher education institutions with traditionally industrial orientation
Secondary specialized colleges offering training for trade jobs in different industries
Workforce relief through automation and optimization programs of regional enterprises
Qualified personnel migration
In-house recruitment and personnel selection service with access to database of the affiliate recruitment agencies
Dobrograd-1 SEZ
Sequence of Investment Steps
It is our priority is to maintain strong partner relations with all residents and relieve them of the burden of unnecessary hassles and administrative bureaucracy
Our goal is to make each stage of the investment path as short as possible for residents
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Alexei Istomin
Deputy General Director of Resident Relations
“Dobrograd-1”, LLC
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