Dobrograd-1 SEZ — A Year of Intensive Teamwork and First Victories


On February 3, 2021, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Dobrograd-1 Managing Company entered into an agreement on the management of the Special Economic Zone and the creation of infrastructure facilities necessary for the effective functioning of the industrial site.

This event became a landmark moment in the history of the territorial development of Dobrograd-1 Industrial Production Special Economic Zone and served as the start of the implementation of a unique for Vladimir region investment project. To translate the well-thought-out concept of the integrated development of the territory into real infrastructure facilities requires intense, well-coordinated work and the alignment of all key processes at each stage. But this, in the end, will ensure the effective implementation of the residents’ projects. After a year, we can already safely talk about the first impressive results.

The most significant result for Dobrograd-1 SEZ was the attraction of five residents involved in various sectors of the economy; their total investment volume will be over 4.5 billion rubles. The new enterprises will ensure more than 1,000 high-tech jobs.

Signing investment agreements with residents,
Vladimir Investment Congress 2021

“We were able to achieve this result thanks to the creation of comfortable conditions for the development of investor business, as well as the maximum possible involvement of the Managing Company representatives in the project of each resident,” comments Denis Antipov, General Director of the Dobrograd-1 SEZ Managing Company. Over the past year, the Dobrograd-1 Managing Company has proven in practice that a comprehensive concept for the SEZ development, based on awareness, environmental friendliness and maximum focus on the needs of an individual, can be effective.

Working meeting of the Dobrograd-1 Managing Company team

Dobrograd-1 SEZ is one of the youngest private special economic zones of the Russian Federation - its creation in Vladimir Oblast was approved by the government of the Russian Federation in October of 2020. In addition, it is the largest rapidly developing investment platform in the region.

One of the most important advantages of the Dobrograd-1 SEZ is its location in the Central part of Russia, in close proximity to international airports, next to the railway junction and federal highways (M-7 and M-12). There is an airport with a fleet of small aircraft, which not every SEZ can offer. This opens up the opportunity for future residents to choose reliable suppliers, develop new markets for their products, find optimal logistic solutions, which, in turn, will allow for developing effective production models and attracting qualified specialists from different regions of the country.

Video presentation of the Dobrograd-1 SEZ

When deciding on the location for the next project, representatives of the modern business community take into account not only the economic component, but also the comfortable accommodations of their specialists, because this affects the efficiency of their work.

Analyzing the phenomenon of the Dobrograd-1 SEZ, experts emphasize the human-centeredness of the project, since its priority is first the interests of the individual, living comfort and safety, opportunities for self-realization, family values, and then — investments in business. The emphasis on highly qualified specialists is a modern trend in the economy. With them, it is easier to make investment decisions. This is the uniqueness of the Dobrograd-1 Special Economic Zone, which is part of a large development project of the same name, started in 2012 by Vladimir Sedov, the founder of the Askona Life Group.

“In the hypothesis of developing a town combined with a production site, the focus was on a high quality of life and environment, the so-called index of comfort and well-being. The combination of these indicators allows people to stay in their native region and at the same time choose a job with a decent salary or open their own business — to ensure the future of their family,” explains the idea of the “comfortable town plus industrial cluster” conglomerate its initiator, Vladimir Sedov.

In this sense, Dobrograd is a harmonious fusion of the interests of business and the individual. It is an eco-town of conscious consumption, safe, smart and comfortable, existing in harmony with the surrounding nature. In its creation, the modern principle of urban health development is being implemented. Even now, more than 2,000 people live in low-rise buildings, in European-style apartments and townhouses.

Not only the number of square meters of comfortable housing and related infrastructure determines the human happiness index. It is also an opportunity to realize oneself in the professional sphere without sacrificing the interests of the family, living in harmony with nature without depriving oneself of the usual comfort, companionship with like-minded people, the opportunities for self-development – everything that a modern conscious individual needs. The concept of Dobrograd is being built based on these principles. A congress center, hotels, a spa complex, sports and cultural venues, parks, cafes and restaurants are already in operation here. In September, the Mir educational complex was opened: a school for 275 children, a kindergarten for 100 children and a center for additional education for children and adults. In 12 km, there is another project of the Askona Group — a modern medical complex with a hospital and a polyclinic —the First Clinical Medical Center. Work continues on the creation of tourism infrastructure: a hotel and a thermal spa complex, a wake park and a golf resort, which will begin operating this year.

Recreational part of the first phase of development in Dobrograd, view from above

In June 2021, the concept of the Dobrograd ecosystem won the Urban Awards 2021 Best Regional Project for the Integrated Development of the Territory federal professional award in the sphere of new construction and territorial development. The Urban Awards were presented for the thirteenth time and became a sign of quality for developers and potential buyers of real estate.

Earlier, in July, the Dobrograd-1 SEZ became the winner of the Russian Business Guide Magazine award for the Best Industrial Site: Synergy of Business and Life.

Another SEZ task being implemented by Dobrograd-1 is strengthening international ties to help residents develop and enter new global markets. Dobrograd-1 SEZ became a voting member of the non-profit World Free Zones Organization, which represents the interests of free economic zones and industrial parks. Among more than 620 World FZO members from different countries, there are only 6 Russian SEZs.

Dobrograd-1 is an engaged community of like-minded people. The industrial site creates all the conditions for forming a modern business community. The cluster system of production allows for providing mutually beneficial conditions for cooperation in order to achieve a tangible result for investors in one territory. Opportunities to fellowship with like-minded people, work effectively in modern "green" industries, create new jobs, gain experience in international cooperation being close to the family, — all these have already been implemented in Dobrograd.

Vladimir Sedov, who considers an individual to be the main “growth point” of the economy, is convinced: “Based on the experience of the Dobrograd-1 Special Economic Zone, I can say that potential residents don’t ask about benefits first. The first question is: “Are there people?”, and the second is “Who are these people?”. Financing and infrastructure are not the main investment issue now. There is competition for people. They go from where it's bad to where it's good. They go where there are educational opportunities for children, where quality healthcare is available. By creating the Dobrograd project, we are creating a new quality of life, with developed social services, interesting and well-paying jobs, and an adaptive environment.”

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